Arsenal’s approach to transfers is admirable yet flawed

It must be like Groundhog Day for Arsenal fans following comments made by chief executive Ivan Gazidis.

Arsenal “won’t spend big” and “cannot compete with their Premier League rivals over transfer fees” are the latest quotes which are likely to infuriate the passionate and often divided fan base.

With the new stadium paid-off it has often been said that the majority of revenue created by Arsenal football club should equate to large profit, therefore additional transfer funds.

Whilst business isn’t quite as basic as that, it is a simple and understandable suggestion. Arsenal do not have large outgoings but do have extremely large income – so why can’t they play a big role in the transfer market?

The £75m Juventus have just paid for Gonzalo Higuain is absurd. He is a good striker but nowhere near elite level. Is he even a second or third tier player on the world stage? Not really. In comparison to Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Suarez and Bale – he doesn’t even come close.

Arsenal were correct in pulling out of that negotiation, if there ever was one to begin with.

However, the North London side making a bid £5m less than one West Ham had rejected for French forward Alexandre Lacazette is laughable.

Was Arsene Wenger trying to cause problems in the Lyon ranks? Perhaps hoping Lacazette kicks off in-house? It is similarly as laughable as the Luis Suarez fiasco two summers’ ago.

As a club, Arsenal has cash and Wenger will invest when he feels the whole deal is correct.

£35m on Alexis Sanchez has proven to be a bargain. £42m on Mesut Ozil seemed to have been a master stroke for the first half of last season, and a painful waste of money for the second half.

It is understandable why managers refuse to pay big bucks when they are not 100% convinced by their purchase – but at the same time, football is now entering a realm of ridiculous transfer fees; beginning with this laughable Higuain move.

Sooner or later clubs like Arsenal, with high expectations, will have to accept inflated fees or risk falling behind.

In regards to Higuain, for £75m Juventus have stolen their closest rival’s best player and strengthened their attack in one swift move. Seems like great work for the Italian giants.

However for the rest of the world, all fee’s will now be measured against the Higuain move.

Should Arsenal want to go for Dimitri Payet you can bet your left-nut that David Gold will ask for over £100m.

It seems Arsenal will begin this season how they have begun every other in recent years; unprepared, light in numbers and with fans ready to get on their back the second something goes wrong.

Hands up who thinks we will hear boos on the half-time whistle of Arsenal’s opening game against Liverpool?

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