Cundy: This man has all the tools to be Chelsea’s next manager

Conte-e-Simeone-700x434Talk of a permanent managerial appointment at Stamford Bridge has picked up in the past week, with Italy manager Antonio Conte seemingly set to be announced.

But reports of a meeting between Roman Abramovich and Diego Simeone midweek as well as the speculation surrounding Juventus manager Massimo Allegri means we are none the wiser as to who will become Chelsea’s next manager.

There are some that want current interim manager Guus Hiddink to assume the role full time after doing an impressive job, getting Chelsea back firing after a nightmare start to the season under Jose Mourinho but Football Fanzone’s Jason Cundy has other ideas.

The former Chelsea centre-back has his eyes on Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone, but has weighed up the candidates and what is in store for them at Stamford Bridge:

There has been a lot of talk of keeping Hiddink but it is far too early to make such a decision. There is a lot of football to be played between now and the end of the season. Obviously if he was to win the Champions League and the FA Cup he would be a cert for the job but right now, it’s way too early decide.

Personally I don’t think it would make sense to have sacked Jose only to stick with the interim manager.

There will be some players that want to see him stay, the likes of Cesc and Costa have found form under Hiddink, whilst Mikel has a new lease on life under the Dutchman but someone like Matic won’t be to enthused to see him get the gig full time.

Ideally I would prefer Simeone having seen what he has done and how his teams play, they are efficient and effective. Right now everyone is looking for the formula to combat Pep, Jose could, Klopp can and I think Simeone can too.

Conte had a good career as a player but is pretty much untried and untested having dominated in Serie A. To be Italian manager at this stage shows what Italian FA think of him though.

Allegri is another that has looked good with the work he has done at Juve both domestically and in Europe and did his chances no damage coming back against Bayern midweek, but if Conte fits into the untried category then so should Allegri.

Some have cited that Conte took Pogba to Juve so could be used to bring the Frenchman to Stamford Bridge but I disagree. He will likely end up at Barcelona or possibly Man City when he leaves Turin. Players don’t follow managers, hence having Conte won’t make it more likely for Pogba to come here, players are more likely to look after their careers.

The reality is that Chelsea won’t have Champions League football next season so like City and Man United before them, will have to throw money at issue. United were able to sign Di Maria, even if that did go sour, and City were able to snap up David Silva & Yaya Toure, so the manager will have some bearing but not as much as money.

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