VIDEO: Wayne Rooney gets managers sacked

Wayne Rooney has come in for some serious stick recently.

Struggling for both club and country, the decline of the once great forward is becoming more and more noticeable with every passing game.

Yesterday as Jose Mourinho announced Manchester United’s squad for the game in Feyenoord, news that Wayne Rooney would be left in England was greeted with cheers from scores of Manchester United fans on Twitter who wondered what Rooney had to do to get dropped.

There is a school of thought that Rooney is the problem at both club and international level, holding back b0th Man United and England as managers shoe horn him into teams off his name and reputation alone. Whether you agree with that or not, it is evident that teams suffer with his inclusion simply because things are changed to suit him.

Many think that Rooney’s inclusion at Old Trafford should have came to an end with the signing of Paul Pogba but instead Mourinho persists with the spent force, whilst the most expensive player in the world isn’t played in a position where you can get the best out of him. The same comparison can be made with England, Rooney and Dele Alli.

We spoke to Jason Cundy about Rooney and his verdict was damning. Citing LVG and Roy Hodgson, Cundy warned Big Sam that Rooney has been getting managers sacked!

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