Cundy: Things are tight at the top but this is why Chelsea lead the pack

David Luiz Man CityIf you look at the last match week all of the top teams won, it’s tight up there with all it taking is a few results to change the order. A few weeks ago Arsenal were top of the table but now sit in 4th, just one point ahead of 5th places Tottenham.

A lot has been made of how good Chelsea look and the remarkable run of 12 wins in 12. That means they have picked up 36 points out of 36 available, yet are only 6 points ahead of second place Liverpool cialis kaufen deutschland.

That gap should be a lot more after a run like that and it just goes to illustrate how competitive the league is this season. Another example of this is Man United who have bounced back from a poor October and November to string together 4 wins in a row including a win over the team above them Tottenham. Despite this they haven’t moved 1 place and remain 6th!

Because of how tight it is, every team will have an eye on the title including United simply due to the fact tht everyone is within touching distance.

Everyone has slipped up recently and that one slip makes all the difference; City losing to Leicester, Arsenal’s back to back defeats to Everton and City, Liverpool’s loss to Bournemouth and draw with West Ham.

And that is one of the reasons why Chelsea remain top, because they’ve avoided slipping up and have managed to remain focused on the job at hand despite some tough tests. Another factor and perhaps the main one is Conte’s side’s defensive record.

It seems the teams around them can’t keep a clean sheet (United’s defence has improved massively in recent weeks it must be said). Liverpool are suspect at the back, City are far from defensively solid, Arsenal can be got at and Spurs despite their personnel are susceptible to conceding a goal or two.

Chelsea have conceded just twice in this run of wins and it makes all the difference because they will know even in the tightest of games just 1 goal can make the difference whereas other side who aren’t as strong can’t rely on that.

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