Cundy: Terry deal is good news but nothing is confirmed yet

Chelsea confirmed today that they had reversed their decision not to offer club captain John Terry a new deal, tabling a 1 year extension to his current contract that is due to expire on June 30th.

Things have been tense between the club and the player since they revealed that they would not be renewing his current deal, fans were understandably annoyed that the man that had been at the forefront of an unrivalled period of success at the club and that had risen through the ranks at the club was being treated in such a manner.

Chelsea admitted that their stance could change but as time ticked it looked less and less likely that he would be staying. Our own Jason Cundy bemoaned the lack of loyalty being shown to a man who’s place in the club’s history would be cemented as the most successful man to wear the captain’s armband.

And we spoke to Jason again today following the club’s statement at lunchtime to gauge his feelings, and whilst he is happy to see a contract offered, he isn’t so sure that this is the end of the matter.

Cundy said of today’s news:

It’s good news that a deal has been offered and it’s the right thing to do, given his standing at the club now and in the club’s history. Fans, myself included, are understandably delighted as he needs to be there next year with Antonio Conte coming in. He is the last of the old guard and will be invaluable to Conte… If he accepts the deal.

The facts are we don’t know how good the deal is. Previously it was Terry who was in the position of power when it came to contract negotiation (although anything he commanded he has been more than worth!) but now it is Chelsea who hold all the cards given Terry’s age, value and options.

He was heavily linked with a move to China but I don’t fancy he would want to uproot his family and head to the Far East. The MLS were also an option which could also appeal to him. A number of stars have headed there recently with former team mates Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard plying their trades in the States and finally there was Qatar, always good for one final payday but also unlikely.

To put it bluntly, Eden Hazard wouldn’t find himself in the position Terry does.

You get the impression that the deal being offered by the club is better for them than it is for Terry and you’d expect that it isn’t anywhere near what he’s been on in the last decade.

Now it’s up to the club and player to strike a balance between what he wants and the club will offer, that’s assuming what has been offered isn’t the Chelsea’s full and final offer.

Terry has said this week that he still wants to play for Chelsea, so now Chelsea have put the ball firmly in his court revealing that a deal has been offered. With Terry’s comments earlier in the week, how will it look if he rejects the club’s offer?

The timing of it all is very calculated too with Chelsea’s player of the year awards taking place tonight. There was a chance things could have gotten quite toxic and negative had the issue still been looming large. We saw Everton cancel their end of year award dinner after Roberto Martinez’s dismissal and it would have been a disaster for Chelsea to have to do something similar.

This is a very interesting situation and whilst a deal has been offered, it may not mean the issue is resolved.

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