Cundy: Liverpool have too much going forward to lose to City

Klopp GuardiolaAs the two sides closest to table toppers Chelsea go head to head on New Years Eve, I can’t see Liverpool losing to Man City.

My immediate thought is that there will be goals; both defences aren’t great and can’t keep a clean sheet. On Tuesday Stoke were the better side for the opening half hour at Anfield and could have gone 2-0 up, so if Liverpool make the same mistake against City they will get punished, especially with Sergio Aguero back from his 4 game suspension.

As seen this season though Liverpool are ruthless in front of goal; They look like they could score with every attack and they punish teams if you give them the slightest opening as they did against Stoke.

There was a chance that Philippe Coutinho would be fit to face Pep Guardiola’s side but Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that he will miss the game as well as the visit of Sunderland. His absence won’t be as big of a blow as it could have been though and they have coped well in his injury enforced absence since November.

You can’t call a game this tight, given each side’s defensive frailties but attacking prowess. I think it could very well end a draw but I don’t see Liverpool losing, especially with the game being at Anfield.

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