Cundy: Liverpool have not made any progress under ‘Brendan Klopp’


As I watched Liverpool’s defeat to Burnley at the weekend, I had to pinch myself because I was certain I was watching Brendan Rodger’s Liverpool crumble against the Premier League newcomers.

Jurgen Klopp came to the Premier League and was an instant hit with the press, with his touchline celebrations and gleaming white smile, but the charisma and likability are overshadowing the frailties within his side.

I’ve had Liverpool fans tell me that he got to 2 cup finals last season and that is progress… He lost both! Furthermore, Kenny Dalglish was sacked for the same thing back in 2012!

The league form has been no different than under Rodgers, winning some then losing others. The defeat to Southampton last season after being 2-0 up was Klopp’s Liverpool in a nutshell and highlights a worrying pattern for the side in that they can be awesome or atrocious. Compare the second half at Arsenal to the game against Burnley? The game against Sevilla where they looked awesome in the first half then terrible in the second.

It’s been said since last season but the left back situation needs sorting immediately with Alberto Moreno doing his best to lose Liverpool games singlehandedly. The window is nearly closed and it seems the Spaniard will remain in the starting XI. The same can be said for between the sticks. The injury to Lorius Karius was extremely unfortunate but Simon Mignolet is an accident waiting to happen and doesn’t instil confidence in an already shaky back four.

Well stocked with number 10s and an impressive front line, I still feel they need a midfielder who can dominate in possession like a Cesc. The decision to let Allan go was an interesting one given his capabilities. Grujic looks decent but we need to see more of him.

Initially we were told that it would take time for Klopp to make his mark on the team, but he’s now had 2 windows and still nothing. If you look at it, he hasn’t really spent any money, are FSG holding back? Selling Ibe seems short sighted but perhaps his hand was forced in order to stump up cash for other signings.

The signing of Mane was brilliant business and he could go on to become one of the signings of the summer, but Liverpool’s problem hasn’t been scoring goals – it’s been stopping them. Their total of 5 goals conceded after just 2 games has them joint worst with Stoke.

It’s Rodgers all over again, you score 1 we’ll score 2 but as we saw in 2014 that doesn’t always work.

Is he all shiny white teeth, floppy hair and charisma? A 6 year deal seems absurd off the back of a few months and it could be a decision the board come to rue later on down the line.

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