Cundy: Karius storm shows just how precious footballers have become

The storm surrounding Loris Karius has confirmed for me that the modern day footballer has become so precious and sheltered that they think they are above criticism.

I don’t think what has been said about him is unfair; he is playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world and has made 3 big errors in 2 games, costing them 5 points so he should expect criticism. He has to accept that he is in the Premier League now and his every action will come in for heavier scrutiny than in the Bundesliga.

Jamie Carragher and the Nevilles are paid to give an opinion, and they did just that. I don’t think either made it personal, keeping it professional. He is having a tough time and they said just that. People would actually question them if they didn’t highlight the mistakes he’s been making.

Honestly I don’t get why footballers are so bothered by these comments anyway.

Jurgen Klopp hasn’t handled it in the best manner either; I respect the fact that he has come out and defended his player but his comments about Neville’s managerial career has put extra spotlight on the situation (also why was Neville his only target? Did he miss Carragher’s comments) and it is becoming bigger than it needed to be.

He could have ignored the comments and not fanned the flames but now there will be further spotlight on Karius, and if he makes further errors will see the matter drag on further.

What I did find amusing was that Phil got so offended by the comments aimed at his brother, and jumped to his defence!

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