Cundy: Jose’s return will be emotional… until the first whistle goes!

Despite his acrimonious departure, there is no denying Jose Mourinho’s place in Chelsea’s history.

The club’s most successful manager, bringing us the Premier League, and putting Chelsea on the map as force in English football and that can’t be glossed over.

But as stated, his departure was messy and a large part of that was down to mistakes he made, especially ones made in his last season. The sales of Kevin de Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and Andre Schurrle will be questioned when his time at the club is reviewed, especially as they are players Chelsea could make us of right now.

But the past is the past, he has a new club and we have a new manager.

Jose clearly loves Chelsea so there will be an emotional side to his return. I expect Chelsea fans to give him the respect he deserves but once the whistle goes he will be the enemy.

The game will be a big one for him and, like Liverpool, one that he won’t want to lose. That said I don’t expect him to set United up to be as cautious as they were on Monday. He said Liverpool aren’t the 8th wonder of the world, so why did he treat them like they were?

As well as some mistakes, he will have made some enemies in that final spell so there will be players wanting to prove a point. He too will want to prove a point, getting one up on the club that has dismissed him twice, so it should make for interesting viewing.

If pressed I’d expect this to end a score draw.

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