Cundy: Jose’s ego is damaged, hasn’t recovered from Chelsea admission

One thing about Jose Mourinho that you could rely upon when things weren’t going his way was his in game management, the ability to turn the game with a change in tactics, formation or personnel, but at the moment this is non existent, and it has become more evident than ever this season.

He appears to be sitting on his hands, watching the game pan out; he did it on Sunday and did it against City in September where he didn’t react quickly enough to a situation that was clearly going pear shaped.

Once it was 2-0 on Sunday, what purpose did Fellaini serve? He should have gone off, but instead he waited till half time.

You think back to the League Cup final in 2005 where Chelsea were 1-0 down within a minute but Jose managed the game and got his side back into it and into the lead. Even when Liverpool equalised to get the game back to 2-2, Jose took control of the situation and lead Chelsea to a 3-2 win in extra time.

This clearly isn’t the same manager, instead of being proactive he stands on the touchline with his hands in his pockets watching the destruction play out before him. Affecting the game was one of his biggest strengths and all the best managers in the world have the ability to change a game as it’s happening and he has seemingly lost this.

So what has happened? For me his confidence has been rocked after his last season at Chelsea. The aura of invincibility around him has gone.

I have on good authority that after Chelsea were beat by Leicester in what was his final game, he told the powers that be that he didn’t know how to change what was going on and he didn’t know how to fix it.

It must have been extremely humbling for a man with an ego as big as his to have to admit that, and we got another example of it on Sunday too.

He used the word humiliated when discussing Conte’s celebrations and geeing up of the fans but Jose is usually very selective with his words and would never usually admit to feeling like that. I think Conte and his actions had nothing to do with it, we’ve seen Mourinho do it himself against Liverpool and against Barcelona when he knocked them out of the Champions League with Inter. I think he felt humiliated with how the game went and he simply projected this onto Conte.

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