Cundy: I’m shocked that Jose has bottled this Rooney situation

This Wayne Rooney matter seems to be getting worse and worse and whilst the player has been poor, Jose Mourinho is just as culpable.

It seems Jose gave him his chance, but he has just seemed off the pace like something is not right. He’s a shell of himself; his legs are gone, the explosiveness and dynamism is gone and a bit like Wenger at Arsenal all the good he has done previously is being erased because of all the bad that is taking place currently. Having been a great before, he definitely isn’t any more.

Last season after a game with Norwich in May, then manager Louis Van Gaal revealed that Rooney was unhappy at being asked to play upfront. Played in that position on Wednesday night, we can see why he was reluctant: he offered next to nothing and that says a lot given he was facing League One opposition.

But the problem is if he offers nothing upfront and even less in midfield then where does he play and why does he still find himself in the starting line up for both club and country given that he looks like a player wheeled out for a testimonial?

For comparison’s sake look at it like this: Wayne Rooney is 8 months YOUNGER than Cristiano Ronaldo. Previously Rooney was looked at as the bigger talent, then it became neck and neck and now Rooney is light years away from his former team mate.

As said before Rooney has been poor and whilst he has hit out at criticism, he will know deep down that he isn’t performing at the required standard. So the finger must now be pointed at the man that has persisted in selecting him.

Rooney wouldn’t be playing at Man City, Pep was ruthless in his dealings with both Yaya Toure and Joe Hart and Mourinho could take a leaf from his rival’s book, as he is making the same mistakes Moyes, LVG & Hodgson made in trusting the striker to come good.

It seems that the only person that had the courage to drop Rooney was Sir Alex Ferguson and that was nearly 3 years ago. He saw that Rooney was slowly losing it and made the decision to go with Robin Van Persie as his main striker, so why 3 years later, have numerous managers reversed that decision? 

The facts are Jose has bottled it with Rooney, he didn’t want to pick a fight with such a big name so soon after going in at Old Trafford and has sat on his hands. Even when United were doing well he was a passenger, but after 3 defeats on the trot and a poor performance against Northampton hwo bad he has actually been has been highlighted.

I’m actually shocked because these are the things that made Jose great in the first place, he had the guts to make a decision that whilst some didn’t agree with, ultimately proved correct. Look at how he dealt with Iker Casillas at Real Madrid? It caused uproar but Carlo Ancelotti didn’t want him either when he went in after Jose and having been sold to Porto, became their worst keeper in 15 years!

If Rooney isn’t dropped for Saturday’s game against Leicester on Saturday I’ll be stunned. He has sat by idly at other points in the season, letting Lingard and Mkhitaryan see out the half in the Manchester derby for example, but things are getting urgent and a decision and a strong one at that is needed with Rooney and if he shies away from making it, it will be to the detriment of United but also put himself in jeopardy.

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