Cundy: Hodgson is to blame but England’s problems are a lot deeper

Cl_OJsKWgAAvQqoHodgson is a pragmatic, defensively minded and cautious manager so this should have come as little shock.

We saw it in England’s opener against Russia where, with England in the lead, the game was crying out for Jamie Vardy to come in and use his tireless running to harass Russia’s ageing backline, and instead he brought on James Milner.

One of my main gripes with him has always been that he doesn’t make decisions quick enough and he doesn’t see the game as it happens. He made changes against Wales at half time when things weren’t working and the result was there for all to see, so why didn’t he yesterday? 
It took 60 minutes for him to make his second substitution and bring on Jamie Vardy for Raheem Sterling and even then England looked dead in the water, so why then did he wait until the 87th minute to make his third and bring on Marcus Rashford?

The United striker warmed up for 10 minutes before he came on, only to play for 4 minutes and in that 4 minutes he did more than all of the players on the pitch.

That said, Hodgson may not be the right man for the job but he definitely isn’t the problem. 

It’s too easy to blame one man, you can go back to Ron Greenwood, Graham Taylor, Sven Goran Eriksson etc and we struggled. At that point you have to look deeper. Is it the manager? Or are the players to blame? 

Hodgson can go but will England’s fortunes change?

I Doubt it

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