Cundy: Chelsea will be the big winners as City and Arsenal clash

Chelsea celebrateArsenal travel to The Etihad on Sunday to face Man City in a game neither side can afford to lose, and even a draw will have those around them licking their lips.

City have struggled recently but returned to winning ways against Watford midweek, whilst Arsenal suffered defeat at the hands of Everton so a loss for either side could prove damaging with Chelsea  potentially going 9 points clear of Arsenal or 10 points ahead of City.

It would be a sizeable gap but first and foremost Chelsea have to get the win against Palace on Saturday.

Things have been tense recently and I just have a feeling that despite this upcoming run of games being called ‘easy’, Chelsea could very well drop points before facing Tottenham on January 4th. But if we can get through these games with maximum points, then what a position we will be in!

West Brom made things hard last weekend and Sunderland kept it tight midweek.

Palace look in bad form with just 1 win in their last 5 but are free scoring and could have drawn with United on Wednesday and Stoke have looked much improved after a poor start.

One big positive is things seem to be falling in place; bringing in Cesc against Sunderland was the right idea in Hazard’s absence and the knock that kept Hazard out appears to be a minor one with the Belgian set to return.

Early kick offs have their faults but can prove helpful by putting pressure on those around you and Chelsea will look to do just that – win on Saturday and then leave it up to the likes of Arsenal and City as well as Liverpool in the Merseyside derby on Monday to keep up.

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