Cundy: Arsene Wenger’s arrogance is holding Arsenal back

It’s the same old thing every year with Arsenal, Wenger goes and fights tooth and nail to get into the Champions League then treats the competition with contempt when he gets there. I just don’t get why he fights so hard to get there if he won’t take it seriously.

Last year we saw the problems encountered when Wenger rested players in the opening games of the competitions and astoundingly he did the same yesterday, leaving Cech on the bench (Ospina was great mind you), starting Sanchez as a striker and leaving Giroud on the bench and leaving Xhaka on the bench. I genuinely don’t get the deal with him; to spend £30m on him and rest him on Saturday with Tuesday in mind then not play him on Tuesday as well.

I might have understood starting Sanchez at home, but away, where you need a focal point, Sanchez starting up front doesn’t make sense .

The weekend game was the time to rest the players, it’s just hard to understand.

It can only be classified as arrogance, especially with what happened last year.

It was one of the poorest English performances I have seen in Europe, the goal got his side out of jail, because they could have been 5/6 down and PSG wouldn’t have been flattered. But whilst it was a poor performance but great result given that PSG are their main rivals to qualify top of the group and they have taken a point from their hardest game.

It’s the same thing as always with Arsenal and Wenger:

Finish top 4, get out of group then get knocked out in round of 16.

I don’t get the point of the club at the moment.

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