Cundy: Arrogant Pep has underestimated the Premier League

It seems that Pep Guardiola has underestimated the Premier League and is now suffering for it.

There has been an arrogance about him in some of his decisions and now looks a little shocked at what is going on around him.

He has made many errors, but one that stands out is his decision to get rid of Joe Hart in favour of Claudio Bravo, and it becomes more and more obvious with every passing game.

For his deficiencies, at least Joe Hart made saves whereas Bravo seems to be decent with his feet but average to poor in every other aspect. What use is a keeper that doesn’t make saves?

City have now conceded 7 goals in 2 games which is crazy considering that they are challenging for the title. John Stones is making the kind of mistakes he was making at Everton, and despite seemingly improving under Pep at the start of his tenure, has reverted to type. Well he won’t get away with it and needs to learn this quickly. Worryingly Stones is City’s best defender outside of Vincent Kompany and with the Belgian’s inability to string together performances, their backline is a major worry given that Otamendi is average at best.

Asked in the post game presser following his side’s defeat to Leicester about why City had failed to win a single tackle in the first 35 minutes of the game, he quite arrogantly replied:

“I am not a coach for the tackles. I don’t train the tackles. What I want is to try to play good and score goals and arrive more, so what’s tackles?”

There lies the problem, he seems to think his way is the only way that works and anything else is beneath him. He has done brilliant things at Barca with a brilliant team and great things at Bayern Munich with a great team but now he’s here in a tougher league and will need to adapt or he will perish.

In Spain and Germany he had teams roll over but here the games are tougher and the games genuinely last 90 minutes.

If he is the manager we believe he is and is the manager  he has shown that he is during his career, he has to turn this around.

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