Cundy: Allardyce debacle shows the FA have learned ‘sweet FA’

Lets get one thing straight Sam Allardyce has messed up royally. He said ‘Entrapment has won’ but that’s a cop out; he put himself in this position; he is the architect of his own downfall and has forced the FA’s hand.

That said the FA are also culpable and helped create this mess. Allardyce was the best man for the role, I voiced my support of his appointment last month, and now, 67 days after being appointed he is gone and so begins the search for a new manager. 

Allardyce mentioned numerous times how much he wanted the role but having finally got it, messed up so understandably there is little sympathy for him. There is a saying ‘There is no fool like an old fool’ and Allardyce comes out of this looking like an old fool. He simply didn’t need to do it, and the arrogance that it was done with made it hard for him to stay… but not impossible.

Personally I think the FA could have reprimanded him and moved on. If you look at Luis Aragones in Spain with Jose Reyes; what he did was infinitely worse calling Thierry Henry a ‘black shit’ but he managed to stay in his job and whilst the incident is synonymous with his name, he and football moved on from it. In 6 months, Allardyce would have found himself in the same position, nobody would have cared.

It now begs the question how well was Allardyce supported in his role?

The FA have been here before with Sven Goran Eriksson and with Fabio Capello with his ‘Capello Index’ where he was forced to withdraw due to a conflict of interests during the 2010 World Cup, so how have they allowed it to happen again?

Look at the FA after the ‘Fake Sheikh’ incident; knowing what the press are like with England managers, what steps were taken to make sure it didn’t happen to Allardyce or the managers that preceded him?

The England job is totally different to managing Bolton, Newcastle, West Ham etc so was he properly prepared for the role?

You then have to look at whoever appointed him. Was due diligence done? As expected due to the nature of the scandal all of his business dealings are being scrutinised and it’s come to light that he is involved in a hotel venture with the likes of Wayne Rooney and Joe Hart. Surely that is a conflict of interest given that he will or will not be selecting them when the internationals roll around. 

It’s accepted that most England managers leave under a cloud. Who was the last one that you can say left with their head held high? But that didn’t have to be the case here, so again what did the FA do to ensure this didn’t happen?

Steps need to be put in place to monitor a manager’s dealings outside of the job, especially if he is using the role for further profit than the wage being given to him by the FA.

If an opportunity does arise then it should be run by the FA to see whether it is suitable. This is something that should be implemented next time round otherwise they could find themselves in the same situation.

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