Cundy: A Terry England return is a step backwards but get off your high horses!

There are 2 factors to be considered with John Terry’s return to the England set up: footballing and moral.

Terry has only recently signed a new one year deal at Stamford Bridge so focusing on his club career would be his priority. Also you have to bear in mind that in 2 years it is unlikely that he will be playing in Russia… that said I can see why Sam Allardyce would want him back.

At the moment there is a lack of defensive talent in the national side. Gary Cahill was kept out of the starting XI at Stamford Bridge by Terry last season, Chris Smalling blows hot and cold and John Stones, despite having a bright future, isn’t quite there yet and would benefit from having a Terry in beside him. It is also a reasonably young back line with both fullbacks, whoever is selected, in their mid to early twenties whilst, bar Cahill, the centre backs are yet to reach what many would call their defensive prime.

Add to that the lack of leadership not only in defence but all over the pitch and a return for Terry makes sense. Rooney is captain but isn’t a leader in the mould of Terry, Ferdinand, Gerrard etc. Looking at the loss to Iceland at the Euros, Rooney offered next to nothing as captain.

But despite all this I feel the ship has sailed and England should look forward rather than go backwards to find a solution to their problems.

Now comes the moral issue with a Terry return.

It is well known that John Terry was accused of “using abusive language which included a reference to colour and/or race” towards Anton Ferdinand and found guilty by the FA. But one issue that seems to be forgotten is that he was also found not guilty in a court of law.

People talk about morals but the pool of players available for selection would be pretty small if all of the players were to undergo morality reviews.

Chris Smalling and his ‘Jaeger Bomber’ faux pas, Jamie Vardy was accused of racially abusing a Asian man in a casino last summer whilst Wayne Rooney’s infidelity issues have been splashed on the front pages of newspapers for years, yet none are thought to be off limits for England selection.

Any football fan that doesn’t want Terry playing for England has to ask themselves; if Luis Suarez was available and opted to sign for your team would you take him after he was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra? I’m sure there would even be United fans that be happy to have him at Old Trafford.

It’s nothing to do with condoning what he was found guilty of, rather about selecting the best players available for the team. Allardyce should not be concerned with the issues that happened under another manager, rather his job is to select the best team available to him and if he thinks John Terry is part of that, then that’s his decision.

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