Video: Things got really nasty for Arsene Wenger at the King Power Stadium

As the transfer window winds down and Granit Xhaka remains the only signing at Arsenal, fans begin to get more and more anxious.

It must be hard for Arsenal fans to look around and see their rivals spending money, United have broken the world transfer record with the £89m signing of Paul Pogba whilst City had no qualms about spending big on John Stones in an effort to tighten up their defence.

Liverpool haven’t been shy and neither have Chelsea, yet Arsenal, despite their obvious problems, continue to sit on their hands.

A deal for Valencia’s Shkodran Mustafi drags on, with Arsenal reportedly haggling over the fee whilst a potential forward signing is up in the air.

And with just 1 point on the board from 2 games things have boiled over.

We have all seen the fans venting their spleens on Arsenal Fan TV but it can come across as contrived; as explosive, confrontational, humorous (delete as necessary) to drive up views and ‘celebrity’ status.

But the fans in the stadium are just as angry, and are expressing this without being prompted or having a camera shoved in their face to ramp it up.

As Arsenal drew with Leicester yesterday evening, fan’s ire overflowed and manager Arsene Wenger bore the brunt as seen in these vids. Losing the support of fans is bad, but the support of away fans is extremely damaging as they are usually seen as the die hards:

After last summer where only Petr Cech was brought in, nobody would have thought you wrong to assume that Wenger had learned his lesson and signings would come.

There is still time mind you, the window doesn’t shut for another 10 days but the race is on to bring in the kind of quality that can take Arsenal to the next level and make them competitive in an increasingly competitive league.

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