VIDEO: Pogba embarrasses team mates with silky skills

Pogba FranceIt’s not easy being the world’s most expensive player as Paul Pogba has found out this season.

The French international made an £89m return to Old Trafford this summer and has seen his performances come in for extra scrutiny due to his heft price tag and whilst he hasn’t been bad, the general consensus is that in his 2 months of being a Manchester United player he hasn’t provided £89m worth of value.

On a serious note, Pogba has been consistent without being spectacular but never poor so the criticism has come as somewhat of a shock but there is no respite now away on international duty.

One of the faces of a new generation of French stars Pogba will again feel the burden of having the spotlight solely on him, similarly to at the Euros this past summer.

But always the cool character with his brazy haircuts and dabbing, the pressure rarely gets to Pogba with the midfielder constantly stating ‘We’ll see at the end who has the last laugh’.

So whilst the world puts pressure on him, he isn’t putting any on himself as seen in this clip from a training session where Pogba’s quick feet makes fools out of Dimitri Payet and Lucas Digne amongst other skills.


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