Video: Chelsea star ruins teammate & steals the show as England prepare for Norway

International breaks can be one of the worst times of the footballing calendar as a fan, depending on your national team.

In England as the senior side wallows in mediocrity, international breaks are greeted with groans and grumbles - an unwanted distraction from what will be an exciting Premier League season.

But they aren’t all bad, occasionally you can find the rare gem like this Burkina Faso player who chinned a Botswana player in an AFCON qualification game over the weekend.

And another great clip comes from a Three Lions (or should that be Three Cubs?) training session as England’s u21 side warmed up for tonight’s game with Norway.

In the clip you see the players going through their paces with the likes of Marcus Rashford, Chuba Akpom, Callum Chambers and more all present.

Another player that is part of the squad is Chelsea’s Nathan Chalobah.

The 21 year old utility man is set to make his 88th appearance at youth level for England, astonishingly without ever stepping foot on a pitch for Chelsea competitively, but here he shows why he has been an ever present for the national team.

In a sparkling display, Chalobah cheekily nutmegs a teammate before volleying in the winner in a 3 goal game training drill!

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