Swansea & Chris Coleman – A match made in heaven?

Chris Coleman WalesNow that Bob Bradley has become the latest managerial casualty in the Premier League after being relieved of his post earlier this month by Swansea City, the question is who will replace him as we go into the second half of the season.  The highest profile football club in Wales is aiming fairly high with Wales manager Chris Coleman emerging as an early favourite to take over.

Since taking over the Welsh national side Chris Coleman has emerged onto the world stage with great credit after taking a side that had not qualified for a  major tournament in nearly sixty years to the semi-finals of Euro 2016.  The fact that they lost to eventual winners Portugal only added to the achievement.  Since then Coleman has been linked to a great many jobs, some appealing and some not so appealing.  You would have to think that he would consider Swansea as a viable option though.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, Coleman is Welsh as are Swansea.  This is more noteworthy say than Eddie Howe (an Englishman) managing Bournemouth (an English club) as having a Welsh manager of a Welsh club in the English Premier League is something unheard of in the modern era.  A curiosity in itself.

Next we have the club itself.  It is the highest profile Welsh club.  It has a strong infrastructure and a fairly successful recent history.  They won the League Cup in 2013 after battering Bradford City 5-0 and have maintained a strong showing in England’s top flight since then.  At the moment they are struggling but this is something Coleman has experienced before, albeit unsuccessfully as he was sacked by Fulham when they were in trouble, so you would think this wouldn’t be too much of a problem for him.  As a club though they are an established Premier League side who can kick on with the right management and investment.

This leads into the man himself.  Chris Coleman is an ambitious manager.  He had never made a secret of his desire to win trophies and contend amongst the best.  In his very first managerial role at Fulham he went toe-to-toe with the great Sir Alex Ferguson over the signing of Louis Saha and has kept this tenacity and single-mindedness as a strong part of his character.  He wants to manage at the top level and to compete for trophies so, in my opinion, Swansea would be the perfect fit.  Coleman will know he has taken the Welsh team as far as he can with the players available, so a return to club management is the next logical step.  Where better to do this than the Premier League?

Swansea are actively pursuing Coleman, amongst others it has to be said, so I would be surprised if they weren’t putting together an attractive package to entice him to the Liberty Stadium.  This will have to include a decent transfer kitty so he can take immediate steps to putting his own stamp on the first team.  If you were a Swansea City fan then you have to look at this match with anticipation.  A strong and ambitious club with a young (ish) and dynamic manager at the helm playing the kind of football we have seen them play over the last four or five years looks a match made in heaven.

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