Jose was wrong about Pogba, but maybe not for long…

Pogba MourinhoJose Mourinho this week was his typical self and proudly proclaimed Paul Pogba, the £93million man from France, as the “best midfielder in the world”.  This made me smile a little as regular readers will know the size of the pinch of salt I take with pretty much everything the “Special One” says.  Then I started thinking about that huge transfer fee.

When he first played for Manchester United I took no notice of him at all.  I just remember a story about a promising young player who left for a big contract because Sir Alex Ferguson wanted him to wait another season or two before offering him the big deal.  Many believed that Pogba’s football, if not his bank balance, would suffer from leaving Old Trafford and Sir Alex’s tutelage and that was that.  Pogba left for Italy, United got nothing and I carried on not noticing him.

Fast forward 4 years and Manchester United splashed out a world record £93.25million to bring him back to the Theatre of Dreams.  I confess I was confused about this.  What could justify that much money?  I finally checked “Pogba the player” out and sure he looked a talent, but a world record amount of talent?  I wasn’t sure.  And I’m still not.

Yes, he was a promising young player.  Yes, he had been named on Teams Of The Year all across Europe in 2015.  He helped Juventus to the 2015 Champions’ League final and in 2016 helped France to the European Championship final.  A few trophies in a less than impressive Italian league does not a great player make.  It only serves as the beginning.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

So then he signed for the Red Devils and we were all excited to see what he could do. After the fanfare of the big signing though, the performances were a bit of a damp squib.  He was poor in position and lethargic on the pitch,  His link up play was good but by no means excellent.  All in all I found myself smirking at this huge outlay for a player who was strong in other countries but that wouldn’t have the legs for the intensity of the English game.

As the season is coming along though Pogba seems to be acclimatising to the pace of the football we play on these shores.  With three goals and three assists in 20 games his contribution is fair for a young player in the middle of the park.  His integration with the rest of the team is also coming on leaps and bounds.  He is very much showing the promise of a talent to be noticed for years to come.  He is still just a young lad though and the expectations of him need to managed a little better than they are being currently.

Earlier in the season Jose Mourinho jumped on what he called “football’s Einsteins” for denigrating his player before giving him the chance to show what he can do, but I would point the finger back at Mourinho for saying such grand things about a player who is still only 23, has an lot of developing to do and is yet to win a single trophy in England.

It may well be that Pogba becomes the great player Mourinho thinks he is, but at the moment he is only the most expensive player in the world.  He is not the best.  Yet.

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