Is this the moment Sakho got himself sent home from America?

Liverpool’s Mamadou Sakho was sent home early from the club’s tour of the United States yesterday, leading to rumours about the defender’s future.

Having only just returned from a UEFA enforced ban for a failed drug test, the French international was taken on tour as part of a morale boost for both himself and his team mates give his prominent role in the dressing room.

Out with an achilles injury, Sakho was never going to play but his infectious attitude was likely seen as key to the team by manager Jurgen Klopp. Who can forget his interview following Liverpool’s come from behind win against Borussia Dortmund where he declared the victory one for the ‘Liverpool Nation’?

The facts are Sakho is a cult hero in the red part of Liverpool, so when the story first emerged fans were confused.

Sakho didn’t seem the disruptive type and whilst he had walked out on the side before, leaving the stadium having been left out of the Merseyside derby a few seasons ago, that was under Brendan Rodgers a manager who made little qualms with letting it be known that Sakho wasn’t his choice for a centre back signing.

This was a Sakho who was an integral part of Klopp’s side and who was loved by fans equally. So what could have lead to this?

Some are pointing to this video, part of Sakho’s documentation of Liverpool’s pre season tour as the reason where he interrupts an interview being given by Klopp on Alcatraz Island:

The German manager, whilst still jovial, doesn’t seem impressed and makes a point of bringing up the fact that Sakho was late for the flight to America.

Having already ‘crossed the boss’ with his failed drug test some would expect that Sakho would be on his best behaviour, so arriving late for a team meet up isn’t ideal.

Sakho is known as a bit of a joker, so this is in his nature but perhaps interrupting Klopp’s interview wasn’t the best idea!

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