Furious Arsenal fans turn on Xhaka after Swiss midfielder concedes penalty

Xhaka foulGranit Xhaka’s undeniable ability has always been undermined by his discipline and rashness.

Able to put the ball on a sixpence, the midfielder’s propensity to fly into a challenge can be infuriating and has proved costly already with yellows and red cards collected this season already.

Today with Arsenal already 1-0 down the Swiss midfielder made his side’s task even harder when he conceded a penalty after a clumsy challenge on Fraser.

Understandably fans were fuming as they look to pick up points and keep pressure on league leaders Chelsea and let their feelings be known on Twitter with a barrage of angry tweets:

Arsenal now face a monumental task in getting back into the game, a loss and a Chelsea win tomorrow would see the gap between them and their London rivals stretch to a whopping 12 points but would also see the gap between them and chasing Man United close to just 1 point.

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