Despite how badly he is fading, Rooney deserves better than to be booed

rooney booedWhat is the point in booing Wayne Rooney? The only word to describe it is pathetic.

After a poor performance against Malta at Wembley over the weekend, fans decided to boo the (fading) United star.

It’s a farce and needs to be stamped out immediately.

There’s no denying the man who captains both club and country is all but done as a top level footballer. His legs have gone; his touch is absent and he fails to influence a football match like he once did – but his own supporters jeering him surely isn’t helpful?

Some suggest it’s making their feelings known – they pay good money so are entitled to act how they please.

This argument is valid, but when the player is expected to come on, represent your colours, and make a difference, does the negativity of sixty thousand people really help the cause?

The English press loves nothing more than building a man up to knock him down, and the higher they get, the bigger the fall, the better the headlines.

Nobody has had as much good press as Rooney over the past decade, hence why his situation is truly magnified.

The boy wonder became captain fantastic; winning numerous trophies with United and personal accolades along the way; so perhaps it is the sheer magnitude of his downfall which propels it to such levels of hatred from those in the stands.

It seems to have gone beyond accepting he isn’t the player he was, to absolute hatred and ridicule.

For a very long time, I, like many others have accepted the former Everton man has peaked, and what we are seeing now is a Manchester United great, on his very last legs. It is at times, upsetting to watch.

Offering his services in the midfield area was an intelligent move from Rooney, due to new kid on the block, Marcus Rashford, seemingly the man who will take his place for both club and country.

Yet with this claim being outright rejected by Jose Mourinho, it begs the question as to what the next step should be for England’s record goal scorer?

There’s a certain elegance about going out on top and retiring early on, as Eric Cantona did. A legacy is kept intact forever and a day – but like most professional footballers, they just want to play, no matter what it takes.

Could Rooney fit in at a mid-table club, or would expectation levels be too high?

Is it likely one of the most famous players to grace the game will fall down the leagues the older he gets; representing the likes of MK Dons or Doncaster?

Of course, this is looking years down the line – so as for the current situation Wayne Rooney finds himself in, he does not deserved to be booed by his own. He has done so much for both parties.

However, fans shouldn’t be treated like idiots by Mourinho, Gareth Southgate, or anybody else.

Rooney simply doesn’t cut it any longer, so for his sake, he needs to be taken out of the big stage as it is making the player, his managers, and the fans look incredibly stupid.

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