Cundy: Sanchez will consider his future, Ozil is a luxury & Arsenal not good enough

Alexis SanchezAs I watched the usual clips of Arsenal Fan TV that float around after a loss and saw their fans going into meltdown I realised what it was that made their fans so furious.

It’s the belief that kills Arsenal fans year in year out and they fall for it every time. They beat Chelsea for the first time in forever this season, and a few weeks ago went top of the table. They might have thought finally this could be our year. But deep down they will have known the implosion was coming and to be proved right is what sends them off the rails.

It’s the same thing over and over, good results and performance but when the going get tough, they are found wanting.

On Tuesday they had the chance to go top, today they find themselves 4th and 9 points off the top. 2 draws in these past 2 games would have been acceptable given that they are tough away trips, but to be up and then lose 2-1 twice is not good enough.

Sky Sports had a stat today that read in their last 21 away games against the current top 6 they haven’t won 1 game, drawing 7 and losing 14. That is shocking from a club as big as Arsenal; if I read that out and told you to guess the club you’d say someone like Sunderland not Arsenal.

It makes me even more annoyed that Chelsea lost to them and I am under no illusion that if we played now, there isn’t a chance that they would win 3-0. Back in September they were 3 points and 4 places ahead, 11 games after we are now top of the table and ahead of them by 9 points whilst they sit in 4th. An incredible reversal of fortunes.

Mesut Ozil

I criticised Mesut Ozil last month and got stick for it but fans must now be seeing where I was coming from? He is no more than a luxury player; when Arsenal are on top and have their foot on their opponent’s necks he shines but when they need him and thing are tough and gritty he is nowhere to be seen.

Against Everton he cowered away as Ashley Williams thumped home the winner and I’m sure you’ve seen his pitiful attempt at pressing against City. He seemed to have started his warm down early and left Arsenal playing with 10 men, such is the case when he faces a big side for Arsenal.

I said he isn’t ‘World Class’ and I stand by it,  the only thing he is world class at is not turning up when the chips are down.

There are other aspects to winning than just being a good player, you need heart, the mentality, the appetite for the fight etc and he lacks these things.

Alexis Sanchez

If I were an Arsenal fan I’d seriously be worried about keeping hold of Alexis Sanchez now. The Chilean must be looking around thinking all of these players like RVP, Cesc, Sagna, Clichy, Nasri etc  have left here and gone on to win, maybe I should follow suit?

Why would a player of his quality stay? Especially if he isn’t getting paid.

After these games with Everton and City he will be thinking, ‘What is going on here? Even with me playing at my best, I’m still being let down by other around me’.

He deserves better for his efforts and now he and his representatives should take the decision away from Arsenal. They had a chance to sort out his contract but didn’t so he should sit it out to the summer and see where Arsenal are in terms of trophies and winning come May.

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