Allardyce appointment raises further questions about English football

west-ham-v-hull-sam-allardyce_3108627With news that Sam Allardyce is on the verge of being announced as the new England boss, I have just one question; Are senior figures within the FA being serious?

I feel as though this is one big prank lasting all summer and England supporters are the butt of the joke.

Firstly, going to the home of the current World Cup holders, finding ourselves 2-0 down and winning 3-2 was enough to convince any England sceptic (me included) that we had a chance of doing something magnificent at Euro 2016.

Yet when it mattered, there was conceding a late goal against Russia, failure to beat Slovakia and defeat against Iceland which brought us all back down to earth.

England are rubbish.

Now the news that a manager with zero major honours to his name will be taking over the biggest job in football seems farcical.

It must be stressed, Big Sam is a true football man having played, coached, managed, lived and breathed the game for the past forty years; but that could be said for thousands of men out there.

He is an incredibly likable character (someone who as a football fan I love listening to) and has done particularly well at the bottom of the Premier League when navigating relegation survival, and at the top of the Championship when looking for promotion back to the top flight.

So is that what the English national team has become?

Are Wayne Rooney, Harry Kane and Jack Wilshere relegation fodder trying to crack the big time?

Roy Hodgson deserves as much credit as he does criticism. The vastly experienced former manager was brave enough to make big decisions on blooding some incredibly youthful players.

Talented? Yes – but changing the old guard is always a big decision at club and country level.

Raheem Sterling, John Stones, Marcus Rashford and Dele Alli to name but a few, can all be grateful. However, Hodgson’s problem was not knowing how or when to use them, and this is something the next manager must learn to do with immediate effect.

If man management is high on the agenda of the FA, why is Harry Redknapp being overlooked? The former Portsmouth and Spurs boss has a wonderful rapport with many players and surely offers more in that area than Big Sam and Bruce combined.

He knows how to get the best out of players in an instant.

If tactical nous is what’s required, again, surely somebody like Glen Hoddle, who has unfinished business with England, is the better choice? Or Jurgen Klinsmann whose background playing for Germany and recent history managing the USA demonstrates he is no fool.

What is it that Allardyce can offer that nobody else does? He is a definite figure of authority, but surely there is more to it than that?

As an England supporter and a genuine football person, I cannot see the logic – but who am I to comment as I thought Fabio Capello was a good appointment.

Perhaps Sam is the only guy willing to drink from a poisoned chalice. As that is what this job has been since 1966, apparently.

Everybody knows there is a generation of excellent English footballers coming through. It is now a matter of time before we find out if Allardyce knows what to do with them.

This appointment leaves me with more questions than answers.

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