Why relegation may be the way forward for Aston Villa

Longevity is a rare thing in football. Be it players, managers or owners, eventually things come to their natural conclusion. There are some things in football you expect to stay the same.  The big clubs in England will remain in the top flight of football.

With seven league titles and a European cup to their name, Aston Villa’s legacy is secured. A founding member of league football, the club have been in the top flight of English football since 1988. However it would appear that run is coming to slow, painful end.

Adrift at the foot of the Premier League, Villa has won just two of their opening 21 games this season, and with 12 points in the bank are 8 points from safety with 17 games to go and a game more played than two of their rivals.

Not insurmountable but a mountain none the less, especially in the absence of consistent form.

While Aston Villa’s fans frustrations are very apparent, the rest of the country is shaking its head in sadness at the decline of a once great club. One of only seven teams to have been in the Premier League since its inception, Villa are rare in that they have achieved something the money-bags of Manchester City crave, European Cup success.

That success ranks them in the upper echelons of football royalty; although they have lived off that history for far too long it would appear.

Back to the here and now, it is apparent that the club is doomed and set for a spell in the Championship, their first at that level since the 1987/1988.

While no one revels in relegation, rival fans aside, a drop down the division might be a good thing for the club.

The current situation at the club is not the result of one bad campaign, it is the work of the last few years. Selling high and buying relatively low, or if high, unproven.

The quality of the squad is reflected by their league position and it is hard to fault current incumbent Remi Garde for their predicament. The Frenchman has cut an exemplary figure on the sidelines. No declarations of love for the club, no gilet, no cockney slang, no clichés and more importantly, no excuses.

He knows the club is in trouble. He has won just one game so far in his 11 games in charge but the situation and current struggles of the club means that he is still working with the squad he inherited in November. A squad that was weakened by the sale of Fabian Delph and Christian Benteke with their replacements, run of the mill Ligue 1 players, not looking up to scratch at the moment.

The coach has already admitted that two targets have turned down moves to the club due to their situation.

The players he has at his disposal have being accused of lacking desire, passion and above all, commitment. The three things fans love to see from the stars they adore.

The fans may not like it and the owners won’t, but regrouping away from the pressure and money of the Premier League could be the way forward for Villa.

Written by Trevor who can be found on Twitter @trevkeane as well as on new website FanFeud.co.uk


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