Is This Proof Petr Cech Has Completed His Move To Arsenal?

The word premature isn’t normally a good thing, any woman will tell you this!

But Arsenal fans get excited because it seems someone has let the cat out of the bag at the Emirates in regards to Petr Cech’s move from Chelsea.

It’s well known that the goalkeeper will be joining Arsenal at some point, but the question is when as we’ve been waiting for confirmation for what seems like forever.

Having decided to stay in London to prevent uprooting his family there was only going to be one team to join (sorry Spurs) and whilst the Daily Mail claimed that we would get confirmation this week on the £11m deal, we are still yet to hear anything official from either club.

Thank goodness for blabber mouths then because it seems that the deal has been done with a former Arsenal star pretty much confirming this!

Invincible, nutter and right back Lauren took to Twitter to wish Cech luck on his move:

Clearly the Van Nistelrooy strangler knows something we don’t, don’t worry though they’ll have to announce it sometime, we can wait!


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